Hello and Welcome! If you have found this site, I believe you were guided here and that it is truly serendipitous. This site is a collection of my personal stories and how I have worked through the different struggles in my life.  I have gone through what I call “Waves of Healing.” My awareness and my healing have literally come in waves, they crash down over me but then they wash away.  I am an honest, funny, heartfelt, encouraging, and sassy writer.  Isn’t it nice when you hear someone who is going through the same struggles as you!? I have found that many people do not share their stories, myself included, and for the longest time I have felt alone in my struggles and in life. Maybe, reading my stories will spark a connection and an awareness within you, as the reader. My goal and intention of this website is that my stories and experiences will help someone else to relate with their personal experiences, in hopes that the they can start their “Waves of Healing.”

My blog is intended for people searching for ways to heal and for a different outlook on how to overcome their struggles.  This site is for readers looking for someone to relate to, self help searchers, and people in search of answers. This blog is intended for readers who want to hear about realistic experiences from life events and how to overcome these challenges.  I desire to start a place where we can support each other and create a safe place for our healing. My hope, is that through my words and stories, we can all heal together.