I was born and raised in Washington State and I have lived in almost every quadrant of the state.  From Seattle, to Spokane, to Tonasket, and now currently in Yakima I feel it is safe to say that I am a Washingtonian.  I have worked with kids ever since I graduated college in different capacities, all the way from pre-K to 12th grade. Throughout my experiences, I have seen so many students and people struggle with the battles of fear in their minds, as have I.  I currently have been breaking down the walls of my mind, digging up my past, and healing all the corners of myself.  I am on the journey to the center of my true authentic self and learning how to strengthen my self-love.   In the “in between” I love hanging out with my fiancé and my springer doodle, Xena, who have both taught me how to open up my heart to give and receive love.