I currently am the director a college access program for high school students, I help students achieve their dreams of going on to college.  Yet, I found that I can provide all the resources and tools needed to be successful, but what young students and people need is the confidence and to heal from their past so that they can move forward.  I have never really shared my personal stories, because I have been afraid of being judged or a “bad influence.”  But, it is through stories that I can relate and heal.  I have decided to start this blog in hopes that I can heal myself in the process of sharing but also heal others.

I am currently sharing the toughest parts of my life, so my stories are a little sad and dark. Once I get all my stories out, I am going to go through and explain how I made it through. How I came out on the other end stronger and enlightened.  How I am still learning and healing, but have more of a positive outlook.  Stay tuned, and read how I develop.