A Letter of Compassion

My best friend asked me, after she read my blog stories, “Why have you felt the need to binge on food and alcohol, what is the reasoning?”  It was a great question and through my self-healing, I have found that I didn’t know how to love myself. Through this process of trying to lose weight…Read more »

Red Heads Are Like Unicorns

Having red hair definitely draws attention and makes me quickly noticed, but not usually in a good way.  I never felt I really fit in, anywhere. I didn’t grow up with a lot of friends, I was always the “odd ball” or “had too much energy” or “weird.” Growing up, I attended a Catholic School…Read more »

It’s Okay, I Can Eat This

So often, I focus on what isn’t working.  The scale not budging specifically, my pants still a little snug, my binges, struggling with alcohol and on and on. There has been a lot that is working. I have had a terrible relationship with sweets, feeling so terribly bad whenever I eat them.  When I came home…Read more »


I get so pissed sometimes, it’s not easy giving up food and alcohol.  I just don’t know how people “quit” all together, cold turkey style.  For me, this is a mind game, letting go of addictions runs deeper than a “diet” or “quitting.”  These addictions run all the way back to my childhood.  I have…Read more »

The Truth is Painful

I never used to talk about my bingeing and drinking issues.  Every time I went to the doctor, they would ask the same questions, one being “How many drinks a week do you have?” And, I would always lie, ashamed of the truth, “ 3-4” would always be my response.  Once I started realizing and…Read more »